Design, development and manufacture of custom equipment

H-ION Chemistry undertakes a wide range of design and manufacture of custom, small series laboratory or surface scale equipment for R&D industries.

Our team has extensive experience in designing devices for the pharmaceutical, oil, food, and academic research teams. All our products can be modified to suit individual needs. In the flow chemical fields, we have several families of self-developed reactors, and even reactor types and syringe pumps.

Main service & manufacturing sectors

pharmaceutical industry20
oil industry20
food industry20
chemical industry20
academic research20

Maintenance & Refurbishing

We undertake the condition assessment, maintenance and renovation-modernization of laboratory and plant equipment.

The H-ION Chemistry team has relevant professional competence in the field of batch and continuous flow chemistry technologies. Our researchers undertake the development of fine chemical syntheses and technologies, as well as the optimization of reaction parameters.

Main activity areas

Condition survey20
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