H-ION Chemistry’s team has more than 10 years of expertise of R&D at the field of fine chemical syntheses applying novel, innovative technologies, design and development of unique laboratory equipment from basic research scale up to pilot.

  • Our engineering team consist young, talented researchers as well as experienced senior professionals to solve unique problems in innovative ways
  • Our main activity is development of batch and continuous-flow systems, pressurized reactors and unique bench reactors
  • Our service staff undertakes maintenance, service, reconditioning and modernization of laboratory equipment
  • Our laboratory team is ready to research fine chemical syntheses in batch or continuous-flow reactor system as well as optimizing reaction condition, perform high-throughput screenings
  • We are proud that our partners are market leader international companies and academic research institutes

Nowadays, the flow chemistry methods are becoming more and more popular. These techniques are already known, however, their implementation to synthetic chemistry just became accepted in wide range after 2000. In a basic continuous-flow setup precise pumps and gas distribution systems deliver chemicals to a reactor where chemical reaction takes place inside a continuous stream. The aim of flow chemistry is to expand the synthetic chemical toolbox. Thanks to the smaller size of the reactors, the important reaction parameters can be controlled with high accuracy. The main benefits of the flow technologies are the better mixing, more effective heat transfer, easier scaling up, good reproducibility, shorter reaction time, higher safety level, as well as easier automation.

The flow chemistry technologies ensure cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

Nowadays, more and more interest shown to flow chemistry by the beneficiaries of the industrial sectors. This had been a part of the daily routine technologies in the G8-G20 countries. In Hungary the best-known scientific and technology universities (e.g. BME, ELTE, SZTE, DE, etc.), the top chemical-pharmaceutical companies (EGIS, Richter, Chinoin) and the R&D departments in the MOL (Hungarian Oil Company) are using flow chemistry technologies. International R&D companies, such as BASF, Pfizer, Hoffmann-La Roche, AstraZeneca, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, moreover, the significant scientific universities and research institutions are also using flow chemistry in R&D and pilot scale.

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) expressed their support to the introduction and use of flow chemistry systems. Numerous different flow chemical equipment are available on the market by different manufacturers. However, their products usually are stand-alone types with limited working parameters. According to our best knowledge, complex systems which cover the whole flow process from dosage to downstream processes are not available in Europe, nor worldwide.

Our main goal was to develop a product portfolio which includes module based developed equipment and could be used for carrying out various reaction types.

Our products portfolio includes several types of flow reactors which are based on the newly developed flow chem technology; high pressure continuous-flow operated, high precision syringe pumps. We also have fully automated gas supply systems. Our other novelty is a stand-alone, laboratory sized continuous-flow filtration system.

Most of the devices and products made by different companies are not compatible with each other’s due to various fluidical, mechanical and software functions and solutions. The classical systems cannot be controlled at the same time, so there is a lack of synergy, which naturally causes an intermittent or even half-intermittent-duty.

Therefore, H-ION foremost developed complex flow chemistry system for his partners. Besides, we design, develop and implement laboratory scaled or pilot scaled chemical devices and solutions for our partners’ unique needs.

Our experts have years long experience in the production of fine chemicals, optimization of reaction parameters or even high throughput screenings (HTPS) with various batch and flow chemical methods. One of our latest project with EGIS

Pharmaceuticals is introduced in the Journal of Flow Chemistry


László Gencsi
László Gencsi
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Ottó Temesi
Ottó Temesi
Research & Development Director
Ottó Temesi Research & Development Director
Zoltán Czafik
Zoltán Czafik
Chief Operative Officer
Zoltán Boros
Zoltán Boros
Head of Chemistry
Zoltán obtained his chemical engineering master’s degree from the Technical University of Budapest. He joined as the Head of Chemistry in 2015.